Vaq'Lar Image Physiology: When visible, the Vaq'lar are arachnidlike in appearance. It is entirely possible that their 'body' is a biomechanical encounter suit. Their true form or not, they have an inherent ability to "phase"; making them visible only to obscure bandwidths of the E-M spectrum and allowing them to possibly pass through material objects. Additionally, their sheer physical strength is far superior to that of humans.

Psi Ability: Yes, very strong

Psychology: Insect-like in efficiency.

Culture: Insect-like but they have been sentient for approximately 80 million years.  The spoken language is a rapid series of high-frequency bursts. They can communicate with us via advanced mathematics as well as telepathy.

History: The Vaq'lar were the oldest of the "younger" races in the Milky Way galaxy to gain sentience. They were one of the first "younger" sentient races to discover and manipulate hyperspace. The "younger" sentients are approximately 150,000 years to 80 million years old. The "older" sentients are approximately 500 million to 5 billion years old. Human scientists are not sure yet as to why there was a gap of 420 million years between the 2 main generations of sentients. Perhaps it was due to some galactic cataclysm.


Vaq'Lar ImageGovernment: Hive-like.

Homeworld: Cho-Vaq; it means homeworld in Vaq'lar

Colonies: Many colonies extending about 1000 light years around their homeworld.

Technology: Creative/Artistic; The Vaq'lar are masters of hyperspace.

Notes: The Human Race (Homo Sapiens) is approximately 300,000 years old. The youngest sentient race in the galaxy is 150,000 years old but little is known about them since their planet is on the other side of the galaxy. We do know that they are bipedal with a reptiloid physiology, have a primitive hunting/gathering culture, and are under the protection of the "older" races.


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