Magneto-Gravitic Drives
" Electrogravitics might be described as a synthesis of electrostatic energy used for propulsion - either vertical propulsion or horizontal or both - and gravitics, or dynamic counterbary, in which energy is also used to set up a local gravitational force independent of the earth's."
- "Electrogravitics Systems," USAF, 1956

Despite early attempts at harnessing gravity in propelling Starships, human technology still made the practical application of magneto-Gravitic principles impossible until the Quantum Age. For other alien species, however, it had been in common usage for millennia.

Magneto-Gravitic drives do not eject propellant to move a vessel, but manipulates gravitational attraction to draw or repel a ship from a given direction. One of the side effects of a magneto-Gravitic drive is the creation of an artificial gravity field, allowing the crew to operate in gravity positive environment.

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